Light Box DJ



The ‘Light Box Dj’ is a wooden, desk accessory designed to provide a responsive light show that reacts to the music being played and is ideal for drum pads and DJs. Produced during during Products of Design's Making Studio class taught by Becky Stern, the Light Box DJ is composed of an oak frame, the light box uses an Arduino Uno in combination with an MSGEQ7 chip and two audio jacks to brighten your musical experience via a 6x6 matrix of NeoPixels. The NeoPixels are hidden under a one sided mirror, which acts as a mirror when the NeoPixels are off and as a protective shield when the lights are on.

The light box uses two audio ports to allow the music to flow in and out of the box and incorporates a sleek LED switch to allow the user to turn the box on and off whilst simultaneously informing the user of when the box is on.

The electronics are held tightly inside the box, which makes use of a series of steps to seperate the arduino from the NeoPixel matrix. The box is designed in such a way that permits the user to take the box apart, allowing them to reprogram the arduino to play different animations.

The future steps of the project involve redesigning the electronics to make the animations more precise, accurate and reliable. Additionally, I aim to incorporate bluetooth and a rechargable battery to make the lightbox portable.